Office of Adjudication

WCOA Southeastern District
Weather related Office Closings or Delays

The Southeastern District of the Workers' Compensation Office of Adjudication includes the hearing offices at 110 North 8th Street, Philadelphia (commonly referred to as Arch Street) and the Delaware County Field Office in Barclay Square, Upper Darby.

Hearings and mediations in both offices will be cancelled if the School District of Philadelphia announces a weather related closing for the day or a late opening of schools.

If the School District does not announce school closings or late openings, but if either the Arch Street building or the Upper Darby is closed or subject to late opening due to weather, then all hearings and mediations for that specific building that day will also be cancelled.

Building closing or late opening information can be viewed at,, or on the WCAIS dashboard.

Interpreter Services

Interpreter services at WCOA hearings which are requested, but not cancelled more than 48 hours before the hearing, cause the imposition of a charge for the late cancellation. These charges are costly to the Office of Adjudication, to the Commonwealth, and to the public, and cannot be allowed to proliferate.

If you have a hearing where you have requested the services of an interpreter, you must notify the Judge’s office of your need to cancel the interpreter no less than 48 hours before the hearing.

Failure to provide prompt and proper notice to a Judge’s office may result in the offending attorney or party being billed for the cancellation charges.

Mandatory Mediations Notice

Mandatory Mediations are now being scheduled by all Judge's pursuant to Act 147. Please be aware of the following policies regarding the Mandatory Mediations.

  1. If either party believes the mediation would be futile that party must write to the assigned WCJ at least 14 days before the scheduled mediation.
  2. If a party needs a postponement, the request must be made to the mediating WCJ at least 14 days before the scheduled mediation. A postponement of the mandatory mediation will not extend the mandatory trial schedule.
  3. A representative of the employer/insurer with authority must present at the mediation. If the representative of the employer/insurer with authority could only be present by phone the mediating WCJ must be advised in advance.
  4. A Mandatory Mediation Disclosure Report must be sent to the mediating WCJ at least 5 days before the mediation. It is preferred that the Mandatory Mediation Disclosure Report be sent to the mediating WCJ by mail, especially if there are attachments.

Read the Mandatory Mediation Disclosure Report.

Notice Regarding Mandatory Mediations in the Philadelphia Judges' Office

It is the policy of the Philadelphia Judges' Office (Arch Street) to schedule Mandatory Mediations as part of the scheduling order at the first hearing, unless deemed futile at that time by the adjudicating Judge. Only one Mandatory Mediation will be scheduled per dispute. The time frame for scheduling Mandatory Mediations will be determined with input from the parties, and the date provided shall be a firm date.

Going forward, no continuances will be granted for mandatory mediations. If there are extraordinary circumstances for the continuance, the mediating Judge may, at his or her discretion, consider a request to reschedule and conduct it as a voluntary mediation.

Requests for cancellation of Mandatory Mediations shall continue to be made to the adjudicating Judge, with a reason provided.

Mandatory mediations which have been cancelled will NOT be rescheduled.

Parties may always undertake to seek a mutually agreeable voluntary mediator and should contact that judge directly.

To Request a Voluntary Mediation With the Following Judges:

Name Contact
Judge Patricia Bachman Email
Judge Audrey Beach Email
Judge Lawrence Beck Email
Judge Timothy Bulman Email OR submit a WCAIS request
Judge Sandra Craig Email OR submit a WCAIS request
Judge Nancy Farese Email
Judge Stephen Harlen Email OR call Linda Vega 215-560-2488
Judge Marc Harrison Email
Judge Denise Krass Email
Judge Francine Lincicome Email OR OR submit a WCAIS request
Judge Andrea McCormick Email
Judge Scott Olin Email
Judge Tina Maria Rago Email with a copy to
Judge Manager Holly San Angelo Email
Judge Todd Seelig Email
Judge Audrey Timm Email OR submit a WCAIS request
Judge Erin Young Email AND submit a WCAIS request