Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Mission Statement

The purpose of the sub-committee is to use the talents and abilities of our membership to educate the Workers' Compensation Section, including private law firms and businesses upon request, on diversity and inclusion issues; to develop strategies for the recruitment and retention of diverse individuals within the Workers' Compensation Section; and to engage in community outreach, in conjunction with other sub-committees.

The sub-committee will endeavor to develop a community outreach program which may include mentoring, education of students through classroom activities such as mock trial and shadowing programs.

The sub-committee will coordinate a minimum of one (1) community outreach program in the inaugural year for participation by the membership of the Workers' Compensation Section.


The sub-committee shall consist of a maximum of five (5) members, one (1) of whom shall be designated as chair. The initial term of service shall be one (1) year with no limit on the number of terms the member may serve.

The members of the sub-committee shall consist of no fewer than two (2) diverse members. A diverse member is defined as racial and ethnic minorities, women, disabled individuals, and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals.

The membership limitation of five (5) is subject to amendment upon a three fifths (3/5ths) vote of the initial membership.

Any new member must be approved by a three fifths (3/5ths) majority of the then existing membership.


The mode of communication and voting for this sub-committee shall be via e-mail or telephonically.


The sub-committee shall meet as much or as little as deemed necessary by the chair to effectuate the purpose of the sub-committee. The executive board meeting will be attended by the chair of the sub-committee solely. If the sub-committee chair is unable to attend the executive board meeting then one member shall be designated to attend in said place.

Designation of mentoring, Shadowing and Classroom Activities

The designation of mentoring, shadowing and classroom activities chosen for participation by the Workers' Compensation Section will be determined by a three fifths (3/5ths) majority vote of the then existing membership of the sub-committee. The chair of the sub-committee will then present the mentoring, shadowing and classroom activities to full executive board for discussion and then approval by voting members of the Executive Board.



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