WHEREAS, A. Harold Datz grew up in Philadelphia, graduated from South Philadelphia High School in 1965 and earned a B.A. in American History from Temple University in 1969; and

WHEREAS, A. Harold Datz graduated from Temple University School of Law in 1972 and began his legal career as an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia; and

WHEREAS, A. Harold Datz entered private practice and spent the following four decades as a dedicated advocate for the citizens of Philadelphia, holding accountable those that caused his clients harm; and

WHEREAS, A. Harold Datz’s devotion to the improvement of the quality of justice led him to become active in the legal community, serving in leadership roles in the Philadelphia Bar Association, the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association and the Pennsylvania Bar Association; and

WHEREAS, believing that justice for his clients would be achieved through a high quality judiciary, A. Harold Datz championed the work of the Philadelphia Bar Association Commission on Judicial Selection and Retention and served five times as its chair; and

WHEREAS, believing in the organization’s mission to fight for the rights of individuals, A. Harold Datz served as a long running member of the Board of Directors of the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association; and

WHEREAS, believing that voters throughout Pennsylvania need help in selecting the candidates who are best suited to serve as knowledgeable, fair and impartial judges and justices on the appellate courts, A. Harold Datz served with distinction on the Pennsylvania Bar Association Judicial Evaluation Commission; and

WHEREAS, throughout his career, A. Harold Datz passionately and continuously mentored a vast number of students and attorneys in all practice areas; and

WHEREAS, for his distinguished service and significant accomplishments in improving the administration of justice, A. Harold Datz received the Philadelphia Bar Association’s PNC Achievement Award in 2015; and

WHEREAS, in recognition of his unwavering dedication to the goals of the organization, A. Harold Datz received the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association President’s Award,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Philadelphia Bar Association adopts this memorial resolution in recognition of the character, contributions and achievements of A. Harold Datz, and extends its heartfelt condolences to his sons, Jeffrey and Jonathan, his brother, Alan, and their families, on the passing of a beloved and respected colleague, devoted family member and faithful friend.

ADOPTED: October 26, 2017