Professional Guidance Hotline

If you have an ethics question, please call

(215) 238-6328

and a member of the Professional Guidance Committee will assist you.

About the Professional Guidance Committee

The Committee on Professional Guidance advises Members who apply to the Association or to the Committee, on the propriety of any action proposed to be taken by them in a professional matter or transaction, or the course to be pursued in any controversy with another member of the Bar or with a client. The Committee also has authority to give advice concerning the interpretation, application and observance of the Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct and the Pennsylvania Code of Judicial Conduct. The Committee, upon its own motion or when consulted by any Officer or member of the Board, or any Committee, Section, Division or component of the Association, may express its opinion concerning the propriety of any professional or judicial conduct, but no such opinion deals with any question of judicial decision or opinion.