The Philadelphia Lawyer Fall 2021

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article image From the Editor
by Albert S. Dandridge III
article image From the Chancellor
by Lauren p. McKenna
article image Ethics
Delivering legal services to underserved populations requires innovation.

by Daniel J. Siegel
article image The Pennsylvania Supreme Court Should Remove the “Z” Words From the Rules of Professional Conduct
Removing the references to ‘zeal’ would serve a clarifying purpose without altering the duties owed the client.
by Daniel Q. Harrington and Stephanie K. Benecchi
article image Removal of the “Z” Words from the Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct Is Unnecessary
Replacing the ‘Z’ words with a new set of words is unlikely to reduce attorney misconduct in client representation.
by Emmanuel O. Iheukwumere
article image Annals of Justice: The Grand Schemers
Reflecting on those whose “juices” only flow in the excitement of the scam, the thrill of getting over on others.
by Steve LaCheen
article image The Day the World Changed
Members of the Philadelphia legal community share their memories of Sept. 11, 2001 and the days and weeks that
by Members of tHe Philadelphia Bar Association
article image The End of Summer
There are some occasions that call for strange farewells.
by Richard G. Freeman
article image Before the 9/11 Victims’ Fund, There Was the Agent Orange Settlement Fund
Overseeing the Agent Orange Settlement fund nurtured a sense of compassion that would serve Kenneth Feinberg well in the years to come.
by Albert S. Dandridge III
article image Remembrances of 9/11 and the Lost Souls I Represented
No one cared which party represented their ideals. We were all Americans, and we were all wounded.
by Charles Schleifer
article image Technology
These travel apps can help you navigate your next trip.
by Daniel J. Siegel
article image That Was Then —1988 Signatures for Court Reform
On a summer day in 1988, bar staff and bar leaders gather signatures for court reform.