Thank you for your interest in supporting the valuable work of Philadelphia's public interest law firms.  Public interest lawyers in Philadelphia help prevent homelessness, ensure that our neediest citizens are able to obtain adequate health care, ensure that the disabled are able to gain access to necessary services and maintain employment, protect children from abuse and neglect and help to keep families together who are struggling with poverty and all the difficulties that poverty engenders.  Philadelphia public interest lawyers are actively assisting our neediest community members in almost every aspect of their lives but they cannot do this without your support.  Donations of any amount are welcomed by each of our 35 public interest agencies.  To find out more information about the agencies, including their United Way Donor Option Numbers, web-site addresses for on-line giving and other contact information for mailing or hand delivering donations, visit the Directory of Public Interest Legal Agencies.
For a list of United Way Donor Option Numbers, click here.
To give money to the Philadelphia Bar Foundation, the Philadelphia Bar Association's charitable arm, click here.
Many of our public interest law firms are small and have extremely limited budgets.  Therefore, in-kind items such as computers, fax and copy machines and office furniture are also needed and welcome.  In addition, in-kind services such as photocopying and mailing are greatly appreciated.  If you have in-kind items or services that you would like to donate, send an e-mail to the Philadelphia Bar Foundation specifying the quantity and types of items or services that you would like to donate.  For any items, please specify whether they would need to be picked up by the public interest organization or whether you are able to deliver them.