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November 02, 2020

Philadelphia Bar Association Calls for Every Vote to be Counted in Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Bar Association Chancellor Hon. A. Michael Snyder (ret.) issued the following statement:

"As Americans look to the final phase of a presidential election cycle that has been mired in controversy, the safety of the method of voting has been called into question. Mail-in ballot voting has expanded significantly as a result of the pandemic. Unfortunately, this method of voting has been attacked by some as being subject to fraud, despite there being no evidence to support this allegation. Pennsylvania, in particular, has been targeted for these challenges.

"We believe that it is essential that Pennsylvanians, and indeed all Americans, be confident in the safety and validity of mail-in ballots. The process of such voting is defined by law. There is no evidence to support the allegation that these processes are not being followed.

"As lawyers and judges, and as members of the Philadelphia Bar Association, we believe in the sanctity of the rule of law. Indeed, we are committed to defending the rule of law. We are confident that the legal processes that have been established to control mail-in ballot voting are fair, appropriate, and safe. Challenges to these processes are unfairly designed to make Americans question the safety of their chosen method of voting.

"We urge our fellow citizens to feel confident that their votes will be counted, no matter which method of voting they choose.

"Each vote represents the voice of the People. Through our continued defense of the Rule of Law, we commit to making certain that each such voice is heard."

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