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October 22, 2020

Call to Action on Election Day

Philadelphia Bar Association Chancellor Hon. A. Michael Snyder (ret.) issued the following call to action calling on law firms to close or allow employees time off with pay to vote and act as poll workers or watchers on Election Day:

"Because the ability to vote, and the confidence that the American public has in the safety and accuracy of their vote is so important, and because the general election this year on Nov. 3 is so vitally important, we call upon all law firms in the Philadelphia area to either close for business that day, or to allow employees to receive paid leave in order to vote, and also to act as poll watchers or poll workers.

The Philadelphia Bar Association has made the decision that all Association employees will be given time off with pay to enable them to vote and to be able to assist at polling places, as either poll watchers or poll workers."

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