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August 05, 2020

Statement About Philadelphia NAACP Executive Director Rodney Muhammad

Chancellor Snyder released the following statement today on the anti-Semitic actions of Rodney Muhammad, local Executive Director of the Philadelphia NAACP:

"We believe that a civil society demands that bigotry, of any sort, is not to be tolerated. Statements and actions that demonstrate a hatred for other groups because of their race, religion, national origin or sexual preferences are poisons to the health of such a society. These poisons are even more injurious when they are injected by those who are leaders of organizations whose mission is to advocate for understanding of our differences. Therefore, we find the recent anti-Semitic actions and statements of Rodney Muhammad, local Executive Director of the Philadelphia NAACP, to be particularly heinous. Mr. Muhammad’s conduct is at dramatic odds with the history of the NAACP, which has long fought for progress through decency, action and understanding.

"We call upon Mr. Muhammad to acknowledge that his actions damage both the organization which he represents as well as the goals of a civilized society."

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