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June 26, 2020

Statement on the Restoration of Funding for the Philadelphia Eviction Prevention Program

Chancellor Snyder released the following statement on the restoration of funding for the Philadelphia Eviction Prevention Program. The Association previously lobbied City Council and published an op-ed on the topic

“We are delighted to learn that the combined actions of City Council and Mayor Kenney have resulted in the passage of a budget that maintains funding for critical housing stability issues.

“In a difficult budget year, in a difficult time both locally and nationally, in a time of great uncertainty for the health of Philadelphians, both physically, financially, and emotionally, the courage and forethought of the City’s leadership will go a long way toward maintaining programs designed to keep Philadelphians in their homes.

“The preservation of the Philadelphia Eviction Prevention Project, and the Housing Trust Fund will surely enable thousands of Philadelphians to stay in their homes, and off the streets. The Eviction Diversion Pilot Program, approved last week by City Council, will also aid tenants who face eviction by providing a structure that will provide alternatives to eviction through conciliation conferences.

“By these actions, Mayor Kenney and City Council came together to assist the most needy in Philadelphia by acting to keep them in their homes.

“We, the Philadelphia Bar Association, applaud the courage and the decency of our elected leaders at a time when such leadership and humanity is desperately needed.

“We stand ready to assist City Government in the administration and execution of these programs."

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