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June 18, 2020

Bench-Bar 2020 Cancelled

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

A philosopher once said, "We live in interesting times." This statement, made many years ago, has tremendous relevance to life in 2020.

We are writing to you at this time to advise you that after serious examination of current conditions, leadership of the Association has reluctantly decided to cancel our 2020 Bench-Bar & Annual Conference. Some of the factors that led to this extremely difficult decision are as follows:

First, we could not assure the physical health and well-being of our members and their guests over a 1.5 day conference. Consultation with our venue made it clear to us that the social component of Bench-Bar would be absent. We considered other options, such as a remote conference, but we have come to the conclusion that we could not provide you with the essence of networking and interaction that has become the hallmark of our event.

Second, in light of the death of George Floyd, the subsequent social unrest and the questioning of many of our legal institutions, it became clear that to try to conduct business as usual in a time that is anything but usual, does a disservice to the gravity of the choices we face as a legal community.

Accordingly, we have decided to put our efforts toward creating a symposium that will examine the challenges we face and create a plan for meaningful reform.

We will still have a Quarterly Meeting scheduled for some time in the Fall, so stay tuned for our announcement as to the form that meeting will take.

We trust that you will understand and support our decision as we look forward to Bench-Bar 2021. Thank you, as always, for being members of the nation's oldest and finest metropolitan Bar Association


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Sayde J. Ladov
Bench-Bar 2020 Co-Chair
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Kevin V. Mincey
Bench-Bar 2020 Co-Chair
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Hon. A. Michael Snyder (Ret.)
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