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December 14, 2018

Chancellor Is Outraged by Racist, Sexist Letter Delivered to Hon. Karen Y. Simmons

Chancellor Mary F. Platt, on behalf of the Philadelphia Bar Association, issued the following statement today condemning the hateful act of intimidation against the Honorable Karen Y. Simmons on Dec. 11.

We are outraged by the racist and sexist letter delivered to Hon. Karen Y. Simmons, in her robing room at the Juanita Kidd Stout Center for Justice on the eve of the Municipal Court’s election of its President Judge. Hate and threats have no place in our society, much less our courthouse, and we are incensed that anyone with close proximity to the Municipal Court could engage in such action.

Judge Simmons is an esteemed and distinguished member of our judiciary and a highly valued member of our Association. She and other judges are dedicated to the rule of law and public service, and should be respected and revered for all they do for our community.

This attack on Judge Simmons is reprehensible and must be investigated immediately to determine how such a vile letter could make its way into Judge Simmons’ private robing room, accessible only by individuals with special clearance or who receive a judicial invitation. The Court must determine who engaged in this racist and sexist attack on Judge Simmons to ensure the safety and security of our judiciary and others in the courthouse.

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