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December 05, 2017

Judge Snyder Elected Vice Chancellor; 5 Gain Board of Governors Seats

Judge A. Michael Snyder photo

Judge A. Michael Snyder (Ret.), a Distinguished Neutral at The Dispute Resolution Institute, Chair of the Philadelphia Bar Association PNC Achievement Award Committee and vice-chair of the Campaign for Qualified Judges, will serve as Vice Chancellor of the Association in 2018 after running unopposed in the Association's 2017 Annual Election, which culminated at 5:30 p.m. on Dec. 5, 2017.

Judge Snyder will serve as Vice Chancellor in 2018, Chancellor-Elect in 2019 and Chancellor in 2020.

Jennifer S. Coatsworth was elected as Assistant Secretary, and Matthew S. Olesh was elected as Assistant Treasurer.

The following candidates for Association offices ran unopposed and will begin serving in their positions on Jan. 1: Marc J. Zucker, Secretary, and Regina M. Foley, Treasurer.

The following five candidates were elected and will begin serving their three-year terms on the Association's Board of Governors on Jan. 1:

  • Benjamin R. Barnett
  • Meghan E. Claiborne
  • Francesca A. Iacovangelo
  • Nicholas S. Kamau
  • Michael T. van der Veen

Seven candidates were also elected to three-year terms to the Young Lawyers Division Executive Committee and will begin serving their terms on Jan. 1. They are:

  • Jessica Amoroso
  • Kevin P. Dermody
  • Jahlee Hatchett
  • Ernest D. Holtzheimer
  • Joanna Klein
  • Jason W. Poore
  • Arly Smith-Pearson
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