WHEREAS, in August 1988, a special Ad Hoc Day Care Committee was established, subsequently called the Child Care Services Committee;

WHEREAS, the Committee's activities were expanded into the investigation of supplying services for the care of young children, including reference and referral services, emergency day care services and temporary in-home caretakers;

WHEREAS, by Resolution adopted May 25, 1989, the Board of Governors affirmed its continued interest in providing the Philadelphia legal community with services relating to the care of young children and the Committee was encouraged to review the feasibility of supplying referral and reference services, temporary or emergency day care and other similar services as may be appropriate;

WHEREAS, the Committee has addressed issues of emergency in-home child care services by arrangement with a provider of in-home child care on emergency basis, and it has undertaken to explore the feasibility of making a reference and referral service available to the members of the Philadelphia Bar Association;

WHEREAS, the issue of elder care, as well as that of the care of young children, is of great concern to a growing number of the members;

WHEREAS, the Philadelphia Bar Association has been presented with a proposal for child and elder care referral services by the IMC Group - Metro Dependent Care Systems (as revised June 10, 1992) and has determined that this service would benefit its members;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Governors authorizes the authorized officers of the Philadelphia Bar Association to enter into a contract for a period of one year with the IMC Group - Metro Dependent Care Systems at an annual cost of $6,500 in accordance with the proposal dated June 10, 1992, a copy of which shall be filed with the records of this meeting.

ADOPTED: July 23, 1992