WHEREAS, the Philadelphia Bar Association desires to increase the number of attorneys who are regular members of the Association;

WHEREAS, the Association realizes there are attorneys in Philadelphia who have been admitted to practice more than two years and who are eligible for regular membership in the Association, but who have chosen not to join or to allow their memberships to lapse over a period of time;

WHEREAS, the Board of Governors believes that a one-time dues discount may encourage such persons to join the Philadelphia Bar Association;

WHEREAS, the Board of Governors believes further that upon becoming members, such persons will realize the many benefits of membership and will keep their memberships current in the years that follow;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that: For the period May 1, 1992 through December 31, 1993 any attorney who becomes a regular member of the Philadelphia Bar Association shall be entitled to membership for one year upon payment of dues under the reduced dues structure for public sector attorneys, provided such attorney has been admitted to the Bar for more than two years and has never been a regular member of the Philadelphia Bar Association, or, was once a member and, although otherwise eligible for membership during the period, has not been a dues paying regular member of the Association within the five years preceding May 1, 1992. The Executive Director of the Association is directed to take the necessary steps to implement this one-time discount policy, and to report as soon as practical after January 1, 1994 on the number of first time members and previous members, who join as a result of this one-time discount policy, the extent of their membership renewals, and such other information that may be necessary and appropriate for the Board to evaluate the efficacy.

ADOPTED: April 30, 1992