WHEREAS, the Federal Courts Committee ("Committee") has been informed through the American Bar Association, that the appropriation for fiscal year 1993 for the Judiciary's Defender services was $70 million less than needed for Criminal Justice Act (CJA) panel compensation, and that this shortfall, if not corrected by supplemental appropriation, will result in the imminent suspension of payments to CJA panel attorneys representing indigent defendants;

WHEREAS, the Committee has been informed by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts that there is a funding shortfall in several key accounts for fiscal year 1993 and that the fiscal year 1993 appropriation was $130 million less than the amount needed to maintain the same level of services which were provided by the United States Courts during fiscal year 1992; and, that the circuit, district and bankruptcy clerks' offices and other administrative branches of the courts have been requested to operate with 79 percent of the staff needed to fully discharge the duties of these offices; and, that because of this funding crisis, the judiciary, through the Judicial Conference of the United States, has voted to not seek cost of living adjustments for 1994;

WHEREAS, the Committee is informed that the Judicial Conference has submitted a supplemental budget request to Congress, seeking additional funds to cover the requirements under the Criminal Justice Act and the cost of other required court services;

WHEREAS, the United States Courts must be permitted to foster free and open access to the Courts and to efficiently and effectively deliver and administer justice under the laws of the United States;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Federal Courts Committee of the Philadelphia Bar Association supports the supplemental appropriation request for fiscal year 1993 submitted to Congress by the Judicial Conference of the United States and supports full and adequate funding of the United States courts by the Congress for fiscal year 1994 and requests the Board of Governors of the Philadelphia Bar Association to fully support of efforts of the American Bar Association to obtain funding for CJA panel attorneys and to support efforts of the Judicial Conference to obtain sufficient funding to fully maintain the efficient delivery of necessary services in the administration and delivery of justice pursuant to federal law.

ADOPTED: March 30, 1993