WHEREAS, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives on May 4, 1993 passed a bill to enact a devastating set of cuts in medical and cash assistance programs for poor people in Pennsylvania;

WHEREAS, these cuts would result in the complete loss of medical coverage, cash assistance and job-training programs for about 140,000 low-income men and women, including displaced homemakers;

WHEREAS, the bill would make anyone who moves to Pennsylvania ineligible for General Assistance for 90 days, including battered women seeking refuge from their batterers;

WHEREAS, these cuts would add thousands of people to the roles of the homeless and hungry, further burdening local governments already struggling to assist the homeless;

WHEREAS, these cuts would severely increase the number of persons without any medical coverage, threatening their health and lives, and further burdening the local health departments and hospitals which are committed to providing medical services to the uninsured;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Governors of the Philadelphia Bar Association as follows:

  1. That the Philadelphia Bar Association oppose House Bill No. 1341;
  2. That the Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association issue a letter in opposition to House Bill No. 1341;
  3. That the Chancellor is authorized to take all necessary and reasonable steps to communicate the Association's Opposition of House Bill No. 1341 to the Pennsylvania General Assembly and the Governor.

ADOPTED: May 20, 1993