Resolution to Adopt Law Practice Management Division's Vendor and Consultant Referral Program Application Process

WHEREAS, the Philadelphia Bar Association established the Law Practice Management Division ("LPM") to support Bar members in activities relating to the business of practicing law, including assistance with marketing, management, technology, and finance;

WHEREAS, the Vendor and Consultant Referral Program (the "Program") was created by the LPM in order to introduce Bar members to vendors and consultants who may assist them in the management of their law practices;

WHEREAS, the LPM has developed an application process for vendors and consultants that are interested in participating in the Vendor and Consultant Referral program;

WHEREAS, the application, a copy of which is attached as Exhibit A, requires vendors and consultants to submit information that the LPM has determined to be relevant to participation in the Program;

WHEREAS, the application process gives the Philadelphia Bar Association sole discretion to determine which vendors and consultants will participate in the Program and which vendors and consultants that the LPM will identify to Bar members;

WHEREAS, the vendors and consultants who participate in the Program are required to pay a fee to defray the costs of the program, and to provide any Bar member who is introduced to the vendor or consultant through the Program with a free one-hour consultation at the Bar member's request.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Governors of the Philadelphia Bar Association approves the Vendor and Consultant Referral Program application process described above, and authorizes the LPM to revise the application for the Program as it deems necessary in the future.