Resolution to Adopt
the Senior Lawyers Professional and Public Service Committee’s
Program of Assistance To Lawyers

WHEREAS, the Philadelphia Bar Association established the Senior Lawyers Professional & Public Service Committee (the “Committee”) as a Standing Committee; and

WHEREAS, one of the purposes of the Committee is to assist attorneys who become disabled due to medical emergency or a representative of such infirm or deceased attorney for the temporary maintenance or conclusion of the attorney’s practice; and

WHEREAS, recognizing an unmet need, the Committee has determined that a Program of Assistance to Lawyers will be of great service to those attorneys, their families, representatives and colleagues, who require assistance in the practice of the profession, due to a disability caused by medical emergency or death; and

WHEREAS, answering a call by the Committee, experienced senior lawyers have volunteered to help such a lawyer, his or her colleagues, representatives or family in a situation of professional need; and

WHEREAS, the Committee will match volunteer lawyers with those in need according to type of practice; and

WHEREAS, the Committee shall require all such volunteer attorneys to be protected by professional liability insurance.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Governors of the Philadelphia Bar Association approves the Program of Assistance to Lawyers of the Senior Lawyers Professional & Public Service Committee.


Program Guidelines
Volunteer Enrollment Form