2022 Officers and Board of Governors

Voting Members

Wesley R. Payne, IV

Marc J. Zucker

Vice Chancellor
Jennifer S. Coatsworth

Michael J. Stackow

Assistant Secretary
Diane Penneys Edelman

Matthew S. Olesh

Assistant Treasurer
Dino Privitera

Kristine L. Calalang

Vice Chair
Damaris L. Garcia

Term Expiring December 31, 2022

Winston Z. Yuan

Ryan Becker

Kristine L. Calalang

Erin Lamb

Nipun J. Patel

Andre J. Webb

Term Expiring December 31, 2023

Lauren M. Banton

Melanie J. Foreman

Damaris L. Garcia

Denise M. Mandi

Angella N. Middleton

Scott S. Small

Ying Zhou

Term Expiring December 31, 2024

William S. Braveman

Stephen T. Kulp

Bethany R. Nikitenko

Nan Sato

Arly Smith-Pearson

Young Lawyers Division

Chair P. Michael Jones

Chair-Elect Melissa Ruth

Section Chairs & Representatives

Chair, Business Law Section
Evan T. Miller

Co-Chair, Criminal Justice Section
Marissa Bluestine

Chair, Family Law Section
Susan Pearlstein

Rep., Probate & Trust Section
Maureen Farrell

Rep., Public Interest Section
George A. Donnelly

Chair, Real Property Section
Winifred Branton

Rep, State Civil Litigation Section
Brian G. Welsh

Chair, Tax Section
James R. Malone, Jr.

Rep., Workers Compensation Section
Mark Mazzanti

Immediate Past Chancellor

Lauren P. McKenna

Immediate Past Chair

Riley H, Ross, III

Diversity Chair

Brenda Marrero

Non-Voting Members


Lawrence J. Beaser

Philadelphia Bar Foundation President

Meredith S. Auten

ABA Delegates

Abraham C. Reich

Butler Buchanan, III

PBA Zone 1 Governor

Jennifer S. Coatsworth

Invited Guests

Chancellor's Cabinet Additions

Access to Justice Advisor
Debby Freedman

The Philadelphia Lawyer Editor

Albert S. Dandridge, III

Philadelphia Bar Reporter Editor

Mary LeMieux-Fillery

Philadelphia Association of Paralegals


Legal Marketing Association – Metropolitan Philadelphia Chapter

NALS of Philadelphia


Executive Director

Harvey L. Hurdle, Jr.